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Locally Roasted Beans from Rabbit Island / Menu from Locally Sourced Produce

Jaks Island
Espresso & Catering




Contact Jaks Island  |  027 874 6959  Ground Floor 189 Bridge Street, Nelson


What We Do

Jaks Island Espresso & Catering is all about serving up the best of the best in the way of coffee, fresh gourmet lunches & bespoke catering services.

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Our Ethos

The ethos of Jaks Island is a collaborative co-op style business where community, environment, employee wellbeing & profit all have equal importance.


Who We Are

The founding partners of Jaks Island are Jessie Verhoef, Kate Manley, both acclaimed chefs, and Ali Slotemaker & Stephen Lee of Rabbit Island Coffee Co., a local roasting company based in Mapua.


Locally Roasted Beans


Delicious Sweets & Baking


Fresh local Produce